Hard-core investigative journalism

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Please pardon me while I vomit:

Says msnbc:

The Obamas represent a welcome change as an openly affectionate and romantic couple for many Americans. Some experts say that the soon-to-be first couple embody the ideal healthy relationship, and that they can stir up love around the country. The New York Daily News even predicted a baby boom attributed to election night friskiness inspired by the Obamas.

Even if I were an Obama supporter, the sheer idiocy of this article would make me throw up in my mouth a little bit. “…stir up love around the country…?” I’ve heard Celine Dion lyrics that are less trite and meaningless.

This is the sort of hard-hitting journalism we need in times like these: Fawning reports about irrelevant issues.

10:50 am on November 29, 2008