Happy Birthday, Murray!

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Today would have been Murray Rothbard’s 86th birthday. Ever since the late 1970s, the Koch Bros. and their bitter enforcer, Ed Crane, have been dedicated to harassing and erasing first Murray and then the Rothbardians. Even their academic complex in Virginia could be called Get Murray U., while their think tanks, too, are full of anti-Murray enmity. Has there ever been a similar case, when multi-billionaires and their host of minion-intellectuals sought over decades to marginalize an ill-paid professor at a small university and his followers, and not only did not succeed, but fell flat on their faces? But then, Murray Rothbard against the regime is not a fair fight. For the regime. Today he bestrides the globe, as his haters fall out among themselves.

11:48 am on March 2, 2012