Happy ‘4th of July’

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If we were as honest as the French, we would admit that there have been at least 5 US republics. The 1st was founded in 1789, in the centralization and empowerment of government in the Constitution; the 2nd came with the  increased centralization under Lincoln; the 3rd was established under Wilson with world war, central banking, the income tax, and the centralizing 17th amendment; the 4th was founded by FDR with his fascist New Deal and another world war; and the 5th was born on 09/11/01.

Now, I’ll admit these are arbitrary; one could add Truman, LBJ-Nixon, and others; every single US president has left the government more powerful than he found it. Also note that I use the president’s name to symbolize the oligarchy of government, as if government were personal, as in the ancient world; of course, the president is just a campaign button on the lapel of the plutocracy, and that was as true of George Washington as it is of Barack Obama.

In any event, as we are all instructed to celebrate the further empowerment of the banking-military junta, and as we are warned about some alleged threat from agent provocateurs, I say: Bah, humbug. I do not consent to be ruled by this murdering, lying gang of thieves. I reject the State and all its works, and all its empty promises.

10:02 am on September 9, 2011