Hanging Out At The Ron Paul Channel…

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I was down in Texas with Ron Paul this weekend to hand over Ron Paul’s famous 1979 Chevette to the lucky auction winners — and generous RPI donors — and to tour the fantastic set of the Ron Paul Channel.

I was so thrilled when Dr. Paul asked me to be a guest on his program while I was there! The episode, where we discussed the US Africa Command and the US militarization of Africa — as well as reflected on the “old days” in the House — aired today on the Ron Paul Channel. There is a teaser at the link, but to view the entire program it is necessary to subscribe to the Ron Paul Channel. I know I am biased, but I was one of the first subscribers and I love having a real alternative to the mainstream, corporate garbage that is constantly shoveled down our throats.

6:38 pm on November 12, 2013