Half of New Law School Graduating Classes Nationwide…

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…cannot find jobs in the law, so it’s no surprise that any warm body in Aurora’s time zone who feels unduly traumatized — not wounded, mind you, just PTSD and all that — will find a willing young lawyer (fresh from stocking shelves at Staples) to file suit on his behalf.

Don’t sue the shooter, of course, who is at fault: sue anyone with money — Warner Brothers, the movie theater, even Holmes’s doctors.

“”Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today,” says lawyer Donald Karpel, who filed the suit today.”

Mr. Karpel, that “somebody” — Mr. Holmes — is currently in jail. Your case might not have merit and your sentences might not parse, but maybe your case will help us find out about those meds Holmes was taking after all.

3:29 pm on July 24, 2012