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Writes Chris Dominguez: “Kudos to Marcus Epstein and Karen DeCoster. Take away Andrew Sullivan’s notoriety as a ‘gay’ commentator and he is no more listened to in NY and DC than the 10th Amendment. This self-important pundit feigns ‘heart-rending’ disappointment that the Vatican is—shock!—not in favor of ‘gay’ marriage. Excuse me, but is this news to him? Where has he been the last 2000 years? Perhaps he lost his Catechism along with his mind.

“This reminds me of those same self-righteous ‘conservatives’ who threatened to leave the Boy Scouts when the Supreme Court ‘allowed’ them to restrict their adult leadership to heterosexuals–again, not a new policy for the organization. As soon as it became PC to flout the mission and creed to which they once pledged they were suddenly bold and courageous. Sunshine soldiers all of them.

“Mr. Sullivan’s attachment to Catholicism seems more aesthetic than anything else so perhaps the Anglican Church would be a better fit. There are only two choices when it comes to the precious truth which Sullivan claims for his lifestyle: ‘Either desire conforms to truth or truth will be conformed to desire.’ It’s not hard to see where Andrew Sullivan has made his choice.”

5:28 pm on August 5, 2003