Had it with Bush

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This morning I spoke to a friend in Texas whom I have long considered a bellwether of middle-class opinion. She is a life-long Republican with no strong ideological orientation, and gets most of her political news out of the local and regional papers, but she has plenty of good sense. She has thus far been unwavering in her support of Bush and voted for him. But last night’s speech was it for her: she found it arrogant, profligate, and unAmerican. She said (paraphrasing):

“I don’t like this idea that America is going to save the world from tyranny, beating up countries we don’t like and imposing imposing democracy by force, so taxpayers should give Bush millions and billions to let him do it, no matter how many soldiers are killed. How arrogant. This is not the American way. It’s very scary.”

There was unusual anger in her voice. Not that it makes much difference now that Bush believes that he can run the world for the next for years, and now that the regime’s apologists (1, 2,
and 3 ) are in overdrive.

10:03 am on February 3, 2005