Habsburg for President…

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…of Austria, of course.

Sixty-seven years after Ludwig von Mises sent a memorandum to Dr. Otto von Habsburg with his advice on how to restore the monarchy to a battered Austria, mortally wounded under domination of the satanic Third Reich, lawyers for members of the imperial family have lodged a request for the repeal of a 90-year-old ban forbidding family members from being elected Austria’s head of state.

The Wilsonian anti-Habsburg hysteria, a suicidal strike on Western civilization itself, has produced nothing but totalitarianisms of the international socialist and national socialist variety as well as our own tyranny of majoritarianism and the cult of democratism. Millions dead and oceans of blood testify to the utter failure of the replacement to live up to its advertised promise of ending all wars and making the world safe.

Let us hope that Dr. Habsburg may see in his lifetime a lifting of this 90-year unconscionable discrimination against his family (along with restoration of private properties seized from them) so that they may enjoy the freedom, rights, and dignity that are afforded every European citizen. Certainly they deserve no less than that.

9:11 pm on September 17, 2009