Gutting the State Department

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Here’s an interesting article on gutting the State Department. Okay, PBS and the State Department are both guilty of many sins, but we all know what this is really about: the growing militarization of U.S. foreign policy.

We are gutting the State Department (or threatening to) while NOT gutting the War Department or the CIA.

Unfortunately, there is no organized constituency for peace; meanwhile the constituency for war grows and grows.

The author has some very interesting comments on this, toward the end of this article, but it’s even worse than he says. He just cites the power of the military constituency, but the military is just part of the military-INDUSTRIAL complex. Domestic “defense” industries can get their hundreds of thousands of employees to howl to Congress if anyone proposes cuts to the “defense” budget—after all, their jobs are on the line. The State Department has no such domestic partners whose jobs depend on funding State—at least not to any degree that is visible to the naked eye.

There should be a peace constituency—all of us who object to half our taxes going to fund the Empire; and, most urgently, parents, relatives, and friends of the personnel who are killed or maimed for life. But…very few people dare to be called “unpatriotic.”

This is an integral part of the triumph of fascism, and it won’t end or change until the United States goes down in the flames of bankruptcy. Standard & Poor’s recent warning was just the first whiff of what lies in our future, and it’s coming faster than we can imagine.

Unfortunately, the advocates of war as the solution for everything will have an answer for that, too—blame the politicians and people of all the “enemies” we conjure up, anyone but ourselves. So, while I would look forward to the bankruptcy of the American Empire, I do not look forward to the war that bankruptcy will foster. This one truly will be the war to end all wars.

7:10 am on April 25, 2011