Guns Cause Cognitive Dissonance

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There has been a lot of commentary about the Obama-Gun incident.  Karen nailed it.  Lew shared a great interview that Ron did about it.  Certainly I don’t need to add my 1.5 cents to the discussion, but there’s something about this whole debate that puzzles me.  In fact, I’m beyond puzzled.  I’m flummoxed.  Bamboozled.  Flabbergasted.  Hood-Winked.  Run Amok.

During both Chris Matthews’s hysterical interview and the nearly-hysterical guy interviewing Ron Paul, the discussion kept returning to this point:  How could this guy show up to a rally with the President, carrying a gun, and not realize that his gun could be used for dangerous things?  That’s a good question, and might even be valid except for one other fact.  There are always lots, and lots, and lots of guys carrying guns at every rally where President Barack shows up.  As best I can tell, the members of a Secret Service detail are carrying at least two (2) guns each!  (I gather this just from the outlines I picked out when Hillary came to my office.)

What makes those guns safe while William Kostric’s gun is a threat?  The argument from morality should inform us.  Nothing.  If one set of humans can be authorized to carry a gun based upon the decree of another set of humans, then so can you, or I, William Kostric, period.  That moral point is unassailable, unless some mystical fairy bestowed special dispensation on agents of the State without my knowledge.  A special uniform or position does not an infallible gun-carrying man make.

2:07 pm on August 13, 2009