Gunn-ing for Obummercare

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If Obummercare weren’t so grave a threat to life and liberty, its travails would vastly entertain. First came the snafu with the website. Psssst, Rulers: why don’t you recruit the NSA’s hackers to fix things? After their cyber-warfare against the entire world, they must know a thing or two about code. The downside, of course, is that when fails again, you’ll lack a “private” company like Verizon to blame.

Then there’s NBC News’ report earlier this week that the Liar-in-Chief knew his law would deprive millions of their current insurance even as he constantly assured potential victims, “If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep your health plan.” (Yep, I, too, wonder how Obummer managed to so seriously tick off NBC’s executives. But meantime, let’s savor their revenge!) Here’s hoping this fascist nightmare collapses under its own weight before it kills or imprisons anyone.

If it doesn’t, my favorite filmmaker stands ready to assist in its death. Colin Gunn’s next movie, Wait Till It’s Free, “will reveal the personal stories of doctors and patients who are struggling to survive the healthcare crisis and are looking for free-market alternative solutions. ‘This film is for anyone confused and concerned about their healthcare choices,’” Colin says. He adds that it “offers practical solutions to the healthcare crisis, and it will be an effective tool to reach friends and neighbors with the truth about the socialized healthcare disaster.”

He plans to release Wait Till It’s Free next spring, but a campaign on Kickstarter to promote the documentary begins today. If you’d like to help euthanize Obummercare, head over there. Be sure to catch the trailer with outtakes and interviews from the movie – and shameless use of Colin’s cute kids to publicize Dad’s project!

10:08 am on November 1, 2013