Guiliani’s Visit to Kentucky

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Bazz Childress writes:

Thought y’all might be interested in an update from the Bluegrass State. Guiliani was in Louisville and Lexington yesterday for a couple of fund raising meetings. He met a crowd of Ron Paul folks in both locales. Guiliani in Lexington Kentucky

For now this link to one of the local TV coverage sites has the story #2 on the list. It may move down as time passes. What was interesting to me (I was in the crowd shivering in the cold weather with about 30 others), was the reaction of the passing cars during the rush hour in downtown Lexington.

Every 15 or so seconds a car would pass honking support and giving us thumbs up and nods of approval – that went on for over and hour. There was only one individual (while stopped at the traffic signal) who showed any signs of disapproval. Better, the entourage of Kentucky Republican Party and Guiliani entourage big wigs could not ignore our presence (despite their obvious wishes to do so) and looked quite chagrined that “there those Paul people are again!”

Haven’t had that much fun in years! I continue to believe that the support for Paul is being seriously discounted. That’s good – it’s always better to be underestimated.

2:32 pm on December 7, 2007