Goyette the Great

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Charles Goyette is not only a best-selling author and inspired speaker: he’s a hero. He gave up a hot talk show career in Phoenix rather than do as Premier  Radio ordered him, and promote the monstrous war on Iraq. And now his latest book has just been published: Red and Blue and Broke All Over: Restoring America’s Free Economy. But it’s at 8, 108 on Amazon when it should be #1. Buy this fascinating book! And BTW, here are the blurbs from the jacket:

“Another eye opening, jaw dropping, blood boiling and fantastic book by Charles Goyette. Loved it!” — Robert T. Kiyosaki

“There are two paths forward for America: towards fascism and poverty, or capitalism and prosperity. I don”t need to tell you what route we are presently taking. But thanks to national treasure Charles Goyette, we now have a handbook for fixing what ails us: Red and Blue and Broke All Over. Read it for yourself and your family. Then pass the word to your neighbors and friends. This book can change our future. And how desperately we need that.”  — Lew Rockwell

“Red and Blue and Broke All Over tells you everything you need to know about the fix America is in and what to do about it. Deftly interweaving history, economics, and political philosophy, Goyette provides a relentlessly interesting explanation of the true factors driving us toward fiscal collapse.” — Tom Woods

“How did a country as prosperous as ours get “broke all over”?  Charles Goyette makes a clear and compelling case that it is the result of a change in American ideals.  The good news is it can be fixed.  Highly recommended!” — Barry Goldwater, Jr.

“Charles Goyette is a real treasure. For years he has delighted radio and TV audiences with his unwavering devotion to the values of small government and sound money and personal freedom. In “Red And Blue And Broke All Over”, he has given us a funny and irreverent examination of ‘only in America’ tales of government excess and stupidity. If you have a crazy Big Government loving brother-in-law who needs a dose of reality, read this book and you will win every argument you have with him. And if you just want to know how the government has stolen freedom and property and enriched itself, Charles has it all here for you.” — Andrew P. Napolitano

2:12 pm on March 16, 2012