Government’s “Nutritional Experiment” That Killed Its Willing Subjects

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Indeed, this is not a mock Onion piece, nor is it an illusion. The former mother of all conventional wisdom is striking out against conventional wisdom with its defense of fat and the way we used to eat. That is, until the McGovern Committee’s Report put Americans on a path to obesity and disease in the 1970s while the U.S. government facilitated decades of political pandering and billions in farm subsidies to support the Industrial Food Complex and its deliberate junk science. Here’s a quick hit on the impact of the McGovern era.

The 5-minute video (below) compliments the Time magazine cover headline, “Eat Butter: Scientists Labeled Fat the Enemy. Why They Were Wrong.” The Time piece addresses the errors of “science” and ensuing misplaced fears that radically changed the American diet from whole foods to a infinite sea of industrial substitutes. The video narrator refers to this as a “vast nutritional experiment” and notes that Americans have since been “dropping dead from heart disease.” This narrative deems the government’s “experiment a failure” and correctly concludes that “Americans are sicker than ever before.” This is strong language coming from a mainstream media organ, especially after being accustomed to puff pieces that never dared to advance down the path of revisionism, even when backed by facts and science.

This video even manages to produce a revisionist and mostly correct portrayal of the former declared enemy, LDL cholesterol – whose demonization is one of the medical establishment’s greatest crimes. When one understands the politics and corporate state schemes of the rent-seeking Medical-Food-Pharmaceutical complex, one can one begin to understand why there has been a 5-decade assault on traditional, whole foods in favor of chemicalized-processed-plasticized industrial slop. The Time piece, however, doesn’t bump up too heavily against the political racket that completely turned science on its ear in favor of propping up politically-enabled profiteering on the part of mega-complex that changed the world one illicit proclamation at a time. I can assume that these truths will be broached at some point as curiosity leads the cat to the causes and conditions behind the latest conclusions. NYU Professor Marion Nestle has done some good work in this direction.

You can watch the Time video here. Here is a link to my post from yesterday: “Butter We Repent.”

7:10 am on July 8, 2014