Government Stops Ebay Market in NotHaus Coins

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Mac Slavo has an article on this. See also his warnings 16 months ago. I’ve written here on the travesty of finding NotHaus guilty of counterfeiting and on the utterly false government arguments made in the case against him, which nevertheless found favor with a jury. Wikipedia provides an outline here.

What do I think of this? I think that this entire government action against NotHaus is evil, by which I mean profoundly wicked, malevolent, and immoral. The government people doing this have labeled him a “domestic terrorist,, which is about as deep a lie and falsehood as can be concocted. I think the government people who have done this have totally subverted the supreme law of the land that they are supposed to be upholding. I think that every one of the government people responsible for this should be removed from government and penalized financially. I think that a perversion of justice like this that is so clear shows the extreme danger that government people, armed with government laws, government guns, government prisons and government propaganda, pose for Americans everywhere. I think also that the silence of editorialists far and wide on this case is a sign of the depravity that has spread throughout America. I look behind all the smiling faces that I see from newscasters, game show hosts, and Jerry Springer audiences. There is invisible corruption and invisible poison that is reaching deeply into the hearts and souls of people. This case is a sign of it. There is deep guilt that is festering over a much larger set of evil government actions, and eventually a lot of people who are suppressing their knowledge of evil are going to be seeking redemption or should, if they have any consciences left.

6:00 am on December 20, 2012