Got Fat? Take Drugs.

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This is a highly disturbing — though predictable — event: the development and acceptance of a new generation of “anti-obesity drugs.” It looks like the FDA will review (and likely approve) several drugs that “suppress the appetite.” As if a lesser appetite is the solution to the problem of people putting toxins in their body. One physician says,”The problem is keeping the weight off over time. A lot of people just gradually gain it back.” The point being that the establishment can make overweight people — and those who “may” become overweight — lifetime patients of Big Pharma. The government’s perpetual “war” on obesity is setting up to become one of the most invasive, totalitarian schemes ever rolled out by the medical-pharmaceutical-governmental complex. The potential for oppressive lifestyle fascism, under the umbrella of “public health,” is enormous, and the anti-fat bureaucrats (and bureaucrat wannabes ) will lead the way.

5:48 am on April 18, 2010