Gore Vidal

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Writes Ken R.

Thanks so much for posting the Gore Vidal video with Pat Buchanan. It was a gem. I especially liked his affability.

Have you seen this YouTube of the older Vidal, back duing the campaign?

He speaks well of Ron Paul, or at least I think he does. Of course, Gore liked Kucinich above all (let’s face it, Gore does have a soft spot for an idealistic socialism), but he really doesn’t say anything bad about Ron in this (or am I mistaken?).

But thanks to you and Bill Kaufman and others like you who have made this old Buckleyite (not anymore) see that Gore Vidal has been one of the great Americans of our time, and once again you are driving me back to his works.

I have always told people that my most fervent wish is that America end up being a place where Gore Vidal and Lew Rockwell and Pat Buchanan and Paul Gottfried and Thomas Fleming and Murray Rothbard’s ideologies meet.. You have to admit it would be an improvement.

As always, keep up the good work, and God Bless you.

8:16 pm on March 4, 2009