GOP Wins, Nothing Major Changes

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I teach Tuesday nights, so I’m just now seeing any election results. I’m surprised by how totally nonplussed I am by the whole thing. I remember being incredibly excited by the House takeover of the GOP in 1994. That was back before LRC. Since then I’ve seen enough to know that nothing major will change at all.

Foreign policy will absolutely not change. The United States government will keep spending trillions on wars until the US finally declares bankruptcy and defaults on its massive unpayable debt.  The GOP has spent at least as recklessly as the Dems every time it gets control of anything. Why would it be different this time?

As with the aftermath of the 1994 election, the GOP will make some initial token efforts to cut spending. This time, they’ll cut a dozen billion here or there, but will not make any concerted effort to eliminate a single department of the government. Then, by the 2012 election cycle, the GOP will kick the spending into high gear in an effort to buy votes.

Meanwhile, the economy will continue to stagnate and we’ll be begging for 2 percent growth.  It’s business as usual. Except we’ll all be poorer after the Fed prints another trillion dollars and devalues the dollar 20 %. The GOP will do nothing about this.

9:49 pm on November 2, 2010