GOP Hacks Have Been Silencing Senators For Years

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Lew, at least Senator Inhofe tried to correct the record when his delegation’s votes for Ron Paul were ignored. As far back as 1976, in that famous convention where Jerry Ford “defeated” Ronald Reagan, the Indiana delegation head studiously ignored the votes from Reagan delegates and announced that Indiana unanimously voted for Ford.

Lies like that led to defeat for Ford — a defeat that was evident as soon as Ford beckoned to Reagan — “come on down and speak.” Ford was so full of himself that he could not see what he had done. As soon as Reagan took the podium — in sportsmanlike support of ford — everyone in the hall knew that they had nominated the wrong guy.

For the record, Ford’s Chief of Staff back then was Donald Rumsfeld, and his deputy was Dick Cheney.

2:38 pm on September 4, 2008