GOP Death Wish, Continued

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Jeb Bush says the GOP must “leave Reagan behind” but can’t bring himself to recommend the same regarding Bushes 41 and 43.

Neither can the GOP, apparently. Now the party stalwartly entrenched in the meaningless minority turns to Bush trough dwellers and ignoramae (is that the Latin plural feminine accusative for ignoramus?) to lead the party message out of the darkness. Especially guaranteed to keep the GOP in deep doo-doo is Dana Perino, famous for never having heard about the Cuban Missile Crisis as she explained away Bush’s winsome wars.

Jeb says the GOP must put Reagan behind us. Perhaps the better advice is to put the GOP behind us.

Update: My favorite Latinist explains that, since ignoramus means “we are ignorant,” and has come to be addressed to individuals, its plural would be ignorami. Hence, Dana Perino is an ignoramus, not an ignorama.

11:57 am on May 4, 2009