GOP Acts To Prevent Another Paulian Insurgency

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LA Times:

The RNC laid the groundwork to change its rules in a maneuver that would effectively make it harder for a Paul-type candidate in future elections. A key committee voted to raise the number of states required to put a name in contention from five to eight, and to allow campaigns to select state delegates. The latter is a response to Paul’s campaign this year, which in some states was successful in working local and state party rules so their delegates are appearing in Tampa despite other candidates’ winning the states’ voting contests.

Of course, as it turns out—surprise!—a Paulian insurgency was already impossible, because the GOP will lie, cheat, steal, threaten, and bribe to prevent an opponent of the warfare state from coming to the fore. It all began when Ron won the Iowa straw poll, and the Republicans changed the votes to make him #2. Of course, the GOP is an arm of the lying, killing, looting state. Why would we expect anything else from these gangsters?

UPDATE More on the rules coup from Travis Holte. BTW, according to Politico, lawyer Ben Ginsburg was the Romney negotiator with Paul campaign officials.

8:37 am on August 25, 2012