Goodman’s Health “Economics,” Other Books to Read, and Kindle

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Apologies for this belated note (after a log-in delay and busy week), but I really appreciated this mention of my review of Goodman’s Priceless in these pages. I’d like to think that review did the health of some people good by sparing them episodes of soaring blood pressure while reading that book thinking it was free market or something close.  (Now you’ve been warned.)  For me, not so much but I think my pressure is back down to a healthy range by now.

If you prefer your reading time to be one of relaxation and tranquility, the best sellers linked on here earlier today are undoubtedly a better choice.

Remember: a Kindle is not required to read Kindle books, so if you like Amazon’s Kindle book pricing and convenience but are delaying purchases until you get a Kindle, you need no longer.  Check out the free apps for PC, Mac, phone, tablet, etc. and procrastinate no further!  And always at least enter the store through here or any other Amazon link in these pages.  Happy reading.

10:26 pm on June 12, 2014