Good Signs in Florida

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And not just the kind we can wave at intersections, overpasses and put in our windows… This just in from a friend of LRC in Pensacola, Florida:

“I was flabbergasted to see a front-page story in the local newspaper here on the swelling local popularity of Paul among disaffected old-school Republicans and non-allied libertarians. This is an area pervaded by almost unbelievable right-wing vitriol tempered by a complete obliviousness to public affairs at any meaningful level–the epitome of right-wing ignorance and misguided evangelical fervor. If he [Ron Paul] can make an impact here, then I think meaningful extrapolations can be made to other areas of the South…. Coverage on the front page (gasp!) was completely unexpected. Imagine the impact he is having in similar communities that is not reflected in local press coverage.”

9:41 pm on January 14, 2008