Good for Rick Steves

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It turns out he did this months ago, but I just discovered that Rick Steves, the obnoxiously chipper guy who makes PBS travel shows about Europe, made a program about Iran.

Steves used to annoy me, but I like him now. He traveled to Iran with the express purpose of showing that the Persians are actually members of the human race and maybe, just maybe, shouldn’t all be nuked into oblivion.

His site is here, including slide shows, etc. It turns out, that much like Americans, Iranians have families, eat food, work at places of business, and prefer not to be murdered by bombs dropped from 40,000 feet.

Steves also explored Iran’s 2,500 years of history, its beautiful architecture, and impressively long record of advanced civilization. Iranians were building centers of culture and writing poetry twenty centuries before the first Anglo-Americans were fighting over who would get to eat the last serving of charred possum.

11:53 pm on January 15, 2009