Good for Nothing

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Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) feels pretty good about himself. He’s always sending me a bunch of stuff about how much he opposes Obama. Well, so did Hillary Clinton about this time four years ago. But look how he treats his constituents.

Mark Cubbage, a high school teacher from Stanley, Virginia (in Goodlatte’s district), knows a young high school student interested in politics. The young man isn’t part of the “Obama Cult” like everyone else in school, so Mr. Cubbage made reservations through the George Allen for Senate office to attend a campaign event today, and drove an hour and a half to take the young student to meet Mrs. George Allen in Staunton, Virginia. (note: Mr. Cubbage loves liberty, so his car sports a “Kwiatowski for Congress” bumper sticker).

Before he even got to the door, one Eric Bagwell told him he would have to leave, or he would be forcibly removed. Mr. Cubbage and his young guest turned around to leave, and there stood Mrs. Allen! She was very gracious, shook their hands, and asked if the pair would take back some campaign yard signs, only to discover that Mr. Bagwell had thrown her guests out of the place and they had to leave.

On hearing from Mr. Cubbage this afternoon, I called the George Allen campaign. They immediately apologized, profusely. Mr. Bagwell apparently works not for Mr. Allen but for Mr. Goodlatte — you remember, the one who “opposes Obama” with all his votes to raise the national debt and all that. Mr. Goodlatte apparently has given standing orders to throw out anybody who supports Dr. Kwiatowski — and that means me, too, because I have been redistricted into the district he and Karen are running to represent.

The  Primary is Tuesday. Goodlatte has a “safe” district — so safe, in fact, that he can alienate voters whom George Allen needs desperately. After all, Virginia has added hundreds of thousands of government employees since Allen last won in 2006. But Bob Good-For-Nothing couldn’t care less.

Karen, I hope and pray that you will beat this swaggering jerk.

4:38 pm on June 9, 2012