Going Too Postal on the Post Office?

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Regarding my recent LRC blog titled “Going Postal,” I received the following note from Mr. Stephen Jeffrey, a Postmaster from Kansas:

You sir, are mistaken, at no time has the USPS ask congress for a bailout.
Please check your facts before writing and expecting others to believe your words.
Stephen D. Jeffrey
Stephen D. Jeffrey (Dale)
200 N Main

Here is what I wrote in the original blog: “People hate the USPS so much they look for any possible alternative. Which is one reason they lose a ton of money. Then come crying to the taxpayer to bail them out.”

Mr. Jeffrey may be technically correct in calling me out for my hyperbolic reference to the horrors of the Postal Service. Perhaps in this latest crisis there has been no formal request for a Congressional “bailout.” However a quick perusal of a few headlines suggests that even in my semi-jest I was not that far off:

“US Postal Service faces ruin without rescue from Congress, watchdog warns”

“USPS warns of shutdown”

“Postmaster Gen: Postal Service Bailout Would Cost $58 Billion”

“US Postal Service to default on multi-billion dollar payment. Again.”

And so on.

Sorry, Mr. Jeffrey for not being entirely accurate about the Postal Service. I will continue to hate the USPS, as will millions of Americans. And no amount of goofy PR stunts is going to change that. But I am glad to see that you are reading LRC!

P.S. don’t feel too bad: I hate the D.C. Metro system as well.

1:52 pm on June 10, 2013