God Celebrates Unemployment!!

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Well, not exactly, but on the “God’s Politics” blog, they are claiming that “people of faith” can “celebrate” the raising of the minimum wage. According to the People Who Claim to Speak for God, the free market “exploits” workers:

First implemented during the Great Depression, the minimum wage sought both to protect workers and to improve the economy by enhancing consumer purchasing power.  Some argue that the market should naturally determine wages based on supply and demand, yet we have seen how an unchecked market has led to exploitation of workers and an even greater disparity of wealth that is dangerous for the economy as a whole.  A minimum wage treats workers with dignity and keeps our economy on a healthy, sustainable base.

Of course, even this newly-mandated amount is not enough.  No, God is demanding even higher wages:

As the gap between the rich and the poor grows to a dangerous level in the U.S., we must encourage better pay for those struggling to survive at the bottom of this gap.  A leading minimum wage advocacy organization, Let Justice Roll, is asking people of faith to advocate for a wage increase to $10 an hour by 2010.  Click here to learn more about the “10 by 10” campaign and to urge your legislators to bring the minimum wage closer to meeting workers’ daily needs.

What they don’t tell us is that the minimum wage is another way of saying that anyone who is willing to work for less than what the government mandates should not be permitted to work at all.  The role that the minimum wage has played in destroying employment opportunities for black teenagers and other groups who are on the margins is well-documented.

This is an example of Bastiat’s “Broken Window Fallacy” in which people claim that destruction of property and employment actually is a “blessing” to the community.  The idea that it magically increases the overall purchasing power for the economy is an example of the Fallacy of Composition, which is part and parcel to the pro-minimum wage argument.  Of  course, the people at Sojourners simply baptize leftist doctrines and then claim they are from God.  I never have forgotten that Jim Wallis and others at Sojourners enthusiastically endorsed the Mao regime at the height of the Cultural Revolution.  In sheer numbers, Mao was the greatest mass-murderer in history, and Wallis stood behind the killings.

6:45 am on July 25, 2009