GM now a parody of itself

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It’s hard to muster up more disdain and contempt for General Motors than I already possess, but this commercial certainly helped. GM put together a minute of fluff and all-American imagery to convince the taxpayers that the useless, junk-making, taxpayer-fleecing entity known as General Motors deserves to be given some respect.

Fortunately, however,  before I could despair that this exercise in propaganda might go unanswered, the good people at infoMania produced this far more accurate version of the commercial (which provides the same public service as this charming poster).

The manipulative montage at the end of the original can only remind one of this scene from The Parallax View.

I’ve also  learned that there is this slightly less good satire of the original commercial as well.

(Thanks to the Advertising is Good for You blog)

9:37 pm on July 9, 2009