Global Warming?; Mozart Was a Red

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The present snow storm in Washington DC proved embarrassing for the EPA.

This little gem was sent to me by Nando Pelusi. Many people on this list do not know who this person is. Nando is a libertarian, and a practicing psychologist in New York City. But, his real claim to fame, at least in our little neck of the woods, is that he played the role of Murray N. Rothbard in Murray’s magnificent play “Mozart was a Red.”  If you haven’t seen this yet, you are in store for a real big TREAT. You may not recognize him, but our own very young Jeff Tucker played Nathaniel Branden. See if you can determine the identities of the other actors and actresses.

I don’t like to brag but I, along with my friend Michael Edelstein, was responsible for discovering and then unleashing Nando on an unsuspecting libertarian public.

1:30 pm on February 10, 2010