Global Warming Is Cooling Its Heels

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Global warming—Oops! I mean, climate change*—just had another setback. New data suggest that the rising trend in global temperatures peaked in 1997. It will be interesting to see how the New World Order crowd spins this latest finding in order to keep up the drumbeat for one of their favorite fraudulent scare tactics—global warming—in order to bring about a One World Government to “solve” a non-existent global “problem.”

[Thanks to John Hightower]
*”Climate change”? You mean the climate normally doesn’t change? I guess a nondescript term like “climate change” is a better propaganda phrase for the One World Government crowd to “fill in the blank” with whatever data will support their scare-of-the-moment agenda rather than the more specific propaganda phrase “global warming.”

4:47 pm on January 29, 2012