Global-Warming Balloon Juice

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A U.S. Senate report recently listed the names of more than 400 prominent scientists who reject the party line that global warming has been caused by human behavior. Any who suggest that the matter be opened to a thorough empirical inquiry are quickly smeared as neo-flat-earthers, or loonies in aluminum hats, charges intended to intimidate skeptical scientists into maintaining their silence. When scientists do express doubts or even deny the tenets of the new faith, the global-warming priesthood is quick to suggest that such persons might be receiving money from oil companies.

Well, now, if monetary motivation – rather than empirical inquiry – is to be the standard for evaluating the claims that human beings have caused global-warming, let us take a look at how lucrative stumping for the creed has become for its patron saint, Al Gore. The earnings and notoriety conferred upon this political hack via an Academy Award “Oscar” and the Nobel Peace Prize are egg-money compared to what he derives from his speaking fees, which are a reported $100,000 per sermon. He has apparently given his speech at least 1,000 times. If my math is correct, that comes to a gross income of $100,000,000 for espousing the faith. Who, then, would have that kind of money – or interest – both in funding his evangelism and attacking any free-thinkers who might express their doubts?

12:01 pm on December 23, 2007