Give Them an Inch…and They’ll Take a Country

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As the push for a One World Government is being implemented more rapidly every day, along comes another move towards that goal. The United States and Canada have just made an agreement for government thugs from both countries to be allowed to have jurisdiction in both countries.

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder revealed last fall that the deal will authorize Canada and the U.S. to designate officers who can take part in police investigations on both sides of the border. The pilot project, Holder said, will improve the two countries’ ability to deal with the “unprecedented” threats along the border from terrorists, human smugglers, illegal firearms traffickers and drug dealers.” [Of course, to those of us who know about the OWG plan, it is the OWG folks themselves who create these “terrorists” for false flag operations in order to scare the sheeple into demanding a One World Government. As far as “illegal firearms traffickers and drug dealers” are concerned, we libertarians know that this is a government infringement on private property.]

And check out this other Orwellian part of this One World Government agreement:

“The joint action plan to be announced at the White House will also break new ground by introducing exit-entry records that will track the movements of everyone who leaves the United States or Canada, with the information available to authorities in both countries.”

[Thanks to Travis Holte]

5:53 pm on December 3, 2011