Give Keith Olbermann the ‘Worst Person in the World’ Award

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Writes Michael Sternberg: “I watched with dismay Wednesday night (Oct 10, 2007) as Keith Olbermann of MSNBC’s Countdown omitted pertinent facts and made false statements in his story about Mitt Romney’s infamous response in the CNBC/Wall Street Journal GOP debate. In his introduction, Olbermann states, ‘In Dearborn, all eight contenders weighing in on executive authority vs. congressional authority…’ However, nine candidates participated in the debate, and Olbermann’s misstatement was made even more bizarre by the video coverage he was showing while making it. The video clearly showed 9 debaters on stage.

“Olbermann then shows a clip of four of the candidates’ responses, including Romney’s, and goes on to ask his guest whether or not Mitt, with the exception of lawyers, lost everyone with that response. The video showed Thompson, Giuliani, and McCain giving alternative yet similar answers, and while querying Chris Cilizza ( on the validity of Mitt Romney’s perspective, Olbermann made no mention of the major dissenting view, which was expressed emotionally by Ron Paul during the debate.

“Keith Olbermann consistently slams the Bush administration and other major media for fact fudging, propaganda peddling, or incompetence (as he should). So, what is this an example of, Keith? Are you guilty of manipulation or incompetence? Or is there another possibility I am not seeing? In any case, this compels me to pose the following question to Countdown, to all major media, and to their advertisers: If I have to do a research project to learn or verify the basic facts of every story you produce, then why should I continue to pay any attention to you?”

2:48 pm on October 11, 2007