Girl crippled for life by Gardasil vaccine

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I’m not a person who opposes the use of vaccines, although they are clearly overused. Chicken pox vaccines? Please.

The Gardasil vaccine however, is not even close to being proven safe, and it is simply unnecessary. The reason one hears so much about it, as I’ve written before, is because Merck has shelled out big bucks to promote it to doctors and heavily lobbies governments to promote its use. It is also one of the most expensive vaccines out there at about 360 bucks a pop.

HPV is common but simply goes away in most cases without any symptoms. So, why expose yourself to the risk at all?

In this recent story in the Rocky Mountain News, a girl whose life has likely been ruined by Gardasil speaks about her new debilitating illnesses that only showed up after she received the vaccine. Here’s a video that goes with the story.

11:45 pm on February 5, 2009