Getting Up-to-date on Syria

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A critical battle has occurred in recent days at al-Qusayr and is ongoing. This battle is described in detail in an up-to-date wikipedia entry on the al-Qusayr offensive. It says basically that the Assad (or government) forces have won much ground. Other reports suggest as much as 60-80% of the location. An article by Franklin Lamb from nearby Homs, written it appears prior to this advance, provides details of the two sides in the battle and of the U.S. role. It gives an idea of the strategic importance of the location of al-Qusayr. Half the people in Homs (once 800,000) have fled.

The rebel leader has called for reinforcements. That article mentions that “More than 80,000 Christians were forced to flee al-Qusayr in late 2012 to escape the frenzy of the jihadists.”

The U.S. is on the side of a collection of certain jihadist groups. Hezbollah, associated with Iran, has joined the Syrian government side.

It is the prospect of an Assad win that has Obama, Kerry and the Senate warmongers scrambling with new propaganda angles so that they can find cover and more freely supply the rebels with stronger weapons.  They are also pushing to end an embargo on arms shipments from Europe. Israel is yet another element, having bombed near Damsacus recently as the Syrian government was making headway in capturing villages prior to assaulting and surrounding al-Qusayr. Israel was apparently trying to stop missiles headed for Hezbollah.

Kerry has been in the region to bolster the anti-Assad efforts. The U.S. is heavily involved in this Syrian war on the rebel side, and that side includes jihadist groups.

All of this anti-Assad effort coming from the U.S. is part of its anti-Iran strategy.

Syria is now also a battleground between Shia and Sunni. The rebels are Sunni and Hezbollah is Shia. Al-Qaeda is Sunni. This split is rousing elements in Lebanon and Iraq.

As the West supports the rebels, it is causing and has caused an escalation of the Syrian war. The U.S. has responsibility for destabilizing and devastating yet another country. The U.S. is risking an out-of-control jump in the extent of this war and its spread. Other major powers could heighten their participation.

And all of this is because the U.S. has an irrational anti-Iran position! The U.S. continually is making unreasonable statements about Iran’s non-existent nuclear program and arms, it is continually making unreasonable demands, and it is continually squeezing Iran with unreasonable sanctions.

Over the decades, I have watched the U.S. government descend further and further into stupidity. It has now gone into madness. The U.S. is power mad. It insists on throwing its weight around. Part of this is no doubt due to factors like the Jewish vote in critical U.S. states and the irrational thinking of certain evangelical elements in America and on Capitol Hill. Part is due to a grossly exaggerated idea of national security. Another important part is an attempt to remake the world because of a belief, which is mistaken, that the U.S.  has the power and capabilities to do this; and even more fundamentally because of a belief that the U.S. is RIGHT in doing this, or that it has some kind of “holy” obligation or duty to alter other societies and bring them some sort of unique “light” that Americans possess. The rhetoric used against Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and now Assad follows this pattern. The idea is that these are bad guys and the good guys have a right to bring them down. Then too Americans have for a long time had the belief that they are superior and needed to “clean up” trouble spots and rescue, for example, the good Europeans from the bad Europeans, as in the two world wars.

The contradictions between these rationales and the U.S. causing and supporting wars that wreck countries, kill their inhabitants, cause religious killings and refugees, and bring down governments are evident.

All the U.S. wars, whether on poverty, drugs, ill-health, or terror, are evidence of power madness. The basic idea is always the same. “We” know what is right and we are going pro-actively to MAKE things right using force. This is what is both stupid and mad. It’s stupid because it doesn’t work. The world doesn’t work that way. It’s madness because it disregards the reality of how we progress and refuses to acknowledge that the pro-active attempts to make things right using force produce the opposite results. The Prohibition era results taught the U.S. government nothing. Its failures in Haiti, Iran, and Vietnam taught it nothing.

10:53 am on May 25, 2013