George Stephanopoulos is Struck . . .

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. . . by a newspaper headline that said “the biggest threat to economic recovery is Washington, D.C.”  He said this on his “This Week” show on ABC with an expression of disbelief coupled with a sh_ _- eating grin as he turned to Paul Krugman and asked him to “correct” the outrageous headline.

Another guest, one Matthew Dowd, screeched that “there is no evidence that having a gun in your home makes you safer.” In fact, it is MORE dangerous if you own a gun, he bloviated.   He then rattled off about a hundred statistics that he claims back him up.   Naturally, he did not mention the source of any of those statistics.  He then contradicted himself and ruined his own argument by admitting that he owns guns (thereby endangering himself and his family).

8:50 am on February 3, 2013