George Resch Remembered

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David and Lew: The death of George Resch is sad news, indeed. He was a quiet, gentle man, but with an inner fire on behalf of peace and liberty that was quickly evident to anyone who had a conversation with him. I first became acquainted with him some fifty years ago when I worked at Rampart College in Colorado. In 1972, I spent some six weeks at the Institute for Humane Studies in Menlo Park, California, working on some preliminary research for what became my In Restraint of Trade book. He and “Baldy” Harper were of invaluable help in focusing my inquiries. George and “Baldy” were so much alike in many ways: they expressed the gentleness, civility, and peaceful character that is the real meaning of anarchy.

I do not recall ever having a conversation with George that did not include his providing some statement of fact or idea that stimulated more thought. I was preparing to call him this coming Monday to see if he might be available for lunch, as Jane and I were planning a drive up to San Francisco. That warm smile and congeniality will now be confined to the realm of memories, . . . but what wonderful memories they are!

12:30 pm on December 14, 2012