George Did the Opposite of What the Government Says

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Mark Sisson has featured a gentleman on his website, George Steffner, who has a wonderful story (and photos). George writes, “I had recently heard an interview about folks who followed a particular eating lifestyle. It wasn’t a diet.” The show George is talking about is Lew Rockwell’s podcast with me, “Government Hates Good Health.” During a few correspondences with George, I could tell how happy and thankful he was that he was led to such a simple solution for changing his life – eating real food and eliminating those foods that are detrimental to human health. And George also learned that fat is healthy and a necessary component of his diet. George used Marksdailyapple as his guide and he went from paunchy to svelte in three-and-a-half months. The letters from George were inspiring.

I get so many of these letters each week/month from libertarians who latch on to the primal/paleo articles on and turn their lives around by vastly improving their weight and health. It is a joy to read every single one of those emails. I admire these folks because they step up and work hard to educate themselves, they reach out to folks for advice, and ultimately, they take accountability for their choices and actions to improve their quality of life. And then they pass on their knowledge and resources to those around them who want to do the same.

For more on this topic, also listen to Lew Rockwell’s podcast with Mark Sisson, “Just Do the Opposite of What the Government Says.”

8:49 pm on January 10, 2012