George Bush is driving me crazy!

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The latest proclamation from Dubya “We’ll reveal the truth” on Saddam and WMDs, etc is beyond hubris. It is beyond tall tales from Texas. Also, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Doug Feith made a comparable deceitfully arrogant statement yesterday, stating that he and Bill Luti (Office of Special Plans) did not exert any pressure on intelligence production. I worked for both of these folks from May 2002 to Feb 2003. These individuals and others (former JINSA and the Washington Institute staffers, visits from Newtie, Special Plans itself could have passed for an arm of the AEI,) were very clear on what was to be sought or created through whatever means possible including taking things out of context and scraping together data bits that would fit with the desired image — links to al Qaeda, examples of any of Saddam’s public statements agreeing with or supporting terrorism. This atomosphere included overt public ridicule of people in the office brave enough to question what they were doing (and some people tried to), and vocal criticism of other parts of the community (State, DIA, CIA, even CENTCOM) who didn’t buy the salience of these “facts.” It never got close to being called or qualifying as “intelligence” and that may be the key to what Feith is saying — he never dealt with intelligence anyway! Never got close to it!

Many people can attest to the grotesque lies and obscene arrogance of these folks. That they would so carelessly open themselves up to whistleblowers is either political naiivite or blind arrogance. Either of these conditions should cause massive tripping and falling. My only question — how can I help?

12:49 pm on June 5, 2003