Gaza Gazette?

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Bush’s defenders have often complained about media bias, but their sense of indignation often sports a blind spot or two.

Take Israel’s current invasion of Gaza. We can’t trust the Palestinians to report with veracity the casualties they have suffered, a correspondent insists, because some of them are actually from friendly fire (And of course we CAN trust our own Defense Department to tell us the truth about friendly fire incidents. Can’t we?)

Well, to whom do we turn for reliable news? There is no Gaza Gazette available at your local newsstand, after all. So let’s ask the Bush Administration. Their obvious answer is — trust the United Nations!

Clearly Bush trusts the authority of the UN, in spite of occasional pretenses otherwise. After all, Bush defied the Constitution and invaded Iraq anyway, citing an apparently higher power — the United Nations — as his authority. In fact, until five days ago, the UN was Bush’s sole “authority” to be in Iraq.

However, when the UN’s “authority” does not please Bush, it does not exist. In that, the UN is similar to the U.S. Constitution. So, without a peep from BushWorld, last month Israel jailed and then expelled the UN’s “Special Rapporteur” for Palestine, Richard Falk, an American law professor.

So according to Bush, we can (and we can’t, a classic case of DoubleThink) trust the UN, we can’t ever trust the Palestinians, and we certainly can’t trust the Americans — unless they are Bush.

In the meantime, Craig Roberts fills in the blanks on what we are not allowed to hear.

7:57 am on January 5, 2009