Gangster Obama Warns Gangster Putin

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It’s Obama’s turn to warn Putin, plus other gangsters like McCain, Nuland and Ambassador Power. This is how gangsters behave in their frictions over turf. With governments and states, the turf is called “territory” to make it sound respectable.

People join gangs voluntarily. A turf war is “a bitter struggle for territory, power, control, or rights”. Those who fight have signed up, knowing that fights with rival gangs may occur.

Citizens don’t all join their governments willingly or voluntarily. In this case, citizens are forced to pay for the wars of their gangster leaders, forced to be drafted into armed forces, and subjected to the retaliations of the foes of their governments.

The U.S. has been looking for trouble in Ukraine. It has been financing democracy grants in Ukraine since July 1996. There is also the NED program. Then there is CANVAS. Are there covert CIA agents operating from the U.S. Embassy too? Nuland has said that the U.S. has spent $5 billion in Ukraine.

Are all of these efforts innocent and altruistic? Are they designed to bring democracy and attendant institutions to Ukraine? Or are they designed to influence Ukraine’s politics and political institutions and bring Ukraine into the European sphere and away from Russian ties? A strong case can be made that oil and gas considerations (and major oil companies and interests) are exceedingly important in all that has happened in this region. For these reasons (power, resources and money), is the U.S. gang attempting to infiltrate and undermine the influence of the Russian gang in this region that lies between the two gangs?

This power struggle is basically why we hear the U.S. gangsters warning Putin. But this power struggle does nothing to further the goals of those Americans who are forced to finance the wiles and machinations of their gangster leaders in government. For those Americans, these interventions, whether for democracy, control, pipelines, gas supplies, dominance, power or whatever, simply make no sense. They contribute nothing to their welfare; they absorb their resources and make the world a far more dangerous place.

9:15 am on March 1, 2014