Galt’s Gulch in Colorado

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The other day, I was driving a rented Ford Explorer east on Highway 46, from Utah, through La Sal Junction and across the Colorado state line. I was listening to a 1970s-80s radio station, and “Life in the Fast Lane” by the Eagles came on the radio. Then the engine oil light started beeping at me incessantly, demanding that the engine oil be changed now. Then Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty” came on. Hmmm – headed for a bad day, perhaps? I kept on driving, and as I crossed into Colorado, with nothing else around except for a few desolate ranches, I came across this road sign. For those not familiar with the work of Ayn Rand, Galt’s Gulch is the “secluded refuge in a valley of Colorado where the men of ability have retreated after relinquishing participation in American society.” On this day, I was on my way to Ouray, Colorado, a town that Rand and her husband visited so she could research the area in preparation for writing Atlas Shrugged.


6:14 pm on September 18, 2009