Galloping centralization

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Free market exchanges and controlled markets (centralization or state socialism) are incompatible. Since the New Deal, the American “third way” has developed. It sought to combine free markets with controlled markets and tame “capitalism.” It has melded these contraries only by increasing the regulatory burdens on markets, thus increasing the degree of state socialism or state control. There have been only sporadic and half-hearted attempts to free up the system. The system is held together by chewing gum, force, rubber bands, and baling wire. It is rigid and inflexible. The credit stringency is revealing the strains on this arrangement.

Either the New Deal has to unravel, which is what we hope for, or else the authoritarians (socialists) among us will continue to centralize control. They do not even have to be ideologues concerning socialism, control, or central authority. All they have to be doing is trying to save “the system” and being blind to any other method than more centralization which retains their own position and power. Their blindness comes with being in government and not believing in decentralized remedies.

The resolution now forced upon us by Congress is toward even greater central control, just as occurred in the New Deal.

11:07 am on October 9, 2008