Gag Me With A Dip-Stick…

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… as the Harley riders say. Fred Barnes, who competes with Kid Kristol for being wrong all of the time, now announces that McCain’s the only Republican who can win, and aren’t we lucky that no true conservative got the nomination!

Socrates warns us that what a tyrant considers to be his fondest dream is actually the people’s nightmare. Look at this feverish rant:

“McCain has little margin for error. He needs to win the overwhelming backing of social and religious conservatives, too. He must attract the relatively small contingent who’ve supported Ron Paul to prevent Paul from running as a third party libertarian candidate for president. (Paul says he has no plans to do this.)”

What?? Hey, Fred, I thought we conservatives were all fruit loops and kids throwing temper tantrums! Just what neocon dialectic dictates that we will now cheer for McCain? What will he offer us? Torture and 100-year wars?

The condescension reeks. We are sheep to be herded. Just a word from McCain (advised, of course, by Fred) and we will all love Ozymandias.

Big Brother, call your office.

8:30 am on February 24, 2008