Gaddafi’s Phony Makeover

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Dr. Larbi Sadiki explains in an Al Jazeera article some of what went into the propaganda rehabilitation of Gaddafi that started in 2003. He reveals the well-oiled back-and-forth that occurred among professors, a major consulting firm founded by professors that oversaw the public relations effort, op-ed pieces in major newspapers like the NY Times, talking heads on television and other media, political figures, and the Gaddafi team. You just cannot believe what you hear and read coming out of the mouths and pens of the notables who get involved in these things. He mentions specifically Francis Fukuyama, Anthony Giddens, Bernard Lewis, Nicholas Negroponte, Benjamin Barber, Joseph Nye, Elisabeth Rosenthal, and Robert Putnam as involved in the transmission of the new image of Gaddafi. My thanks to Michel Accad for now sending me a link to a Mother Jones story with more detail.

2:05 pm on March 13, 2011