Future Tea Party ‘Incident': You Saw It First on LRC

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In reading Eric’s post, I can guarantee you that there are a lot of scared people in Washington, and I suspect that the Obama administration will step up its efforts to further have the FBI infiltrate the Tea Party movement. So far, we have seen a massive effort by the government and the mainstream media to falsely claim that the TP folks were hurling racial slurs at black members of Congress.

My sense is that the FBI will push even harder, trying to get some fringe people in the TP to “plan attacks” or something like that, and then the government will swoop in and make arrests, and the New York Times and CBS News will publicize it to no end. We have seen this kind of thing so many times before that what I am writing should not be shocking to anyone who reads this blog.

11:42 am on April 14, 2010