Further Support for Walter Block

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Here is what one person wrote to me:

“As I read it, Walter was stating the obvious.

“Consider my grandfather working the coal mines of eastern PA from the 1920’s to the 1960’s. He worked under horrendous conditions, watching coworkers occasionally die on the job. So the work is not the issue. The issue is the property right to self. My grandfather could have left his job at any time (assuming his company bill was paid), the slave could not. And that is the essence of what Walter was stating.”

And there are countless cases, then and now, where the person cannot leave a job because their alternatives are so limited. My mother who lost both parents left school after seven grades of education (13 years old in 1926) and went to work in a shoe factory. At that time, the 6-day work week was common. In 1925, the average wage earner in the boot and shoe industry earned $1,090.81 per year. Using the CPI calculator, that’s about $14,518 in 2013 dollars.

5:06 am on February 12, 2014