Funny Email From a British Gentleman

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Writes MD, in response to this:

I feel I must say that most Americans are so [expletive deleted] stupid that they think America is the whole world [sic] eg [sic] the world series ha what [expletive deleted] joke, and American football? Not much to do with foot and ball is it? Unlike football (soccer to you, you [expletive deleted] moron) which we invented here in England and is played around the whole world.

Piers was right on the money when he stated the simple facts. Here in the uk [sic] 35 deaths thru [sic] shootings, in the US 11,000. It’s a no brainer surely even to you stupid [expletive deleted] that you need to change your gun law.

Good luck with your multi trillion dollar debt, you are now behind China and will never regain your position as number one, you’re up against too much inertia . We should know we were there, circa 1915.

The fact that I mocked American nationalism in my article about Piers Morgan is apparently lost on this fellow who thinks that I think that “America is the whole world.” I do kind of like baseball, though, so such imbecility on my part no doubt speaks for itself.

This email however, nicely illustrates how nationalism impels people to say silly things, whether the topic is immigration, or war, or soccer (curiously known in some backwaters of the world as “football.”)

12:45 pm on January 9, 2013