Frugality and Self-Sufficiency? Say It Isn’t So!

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First it was the brutal news that the antiquated layaway plan had made a comeback. This was followed by horrifying news stories about folks who denied the Bush-Obama spending pleas, and instead they began to save their money. And then came the outrageous story that demand for used cars was up. And those dreadful pawn shops and thrift stores have enjoyed a nationwide boom. And then all of a sudden regular folks began stockingpilling goods for tough times, and the media wondered … what’s up with that? You … do … what? And of course, there’s always the doom-and-gloom news of the housing market – shrewd folks don’t buy homes. But now, we learn that the most appalling tradition of all has made a comeback in America – home canning.

What was once thought to be a dying tradition, practiced by grandmothers and folks living in rural communities, the art of home preserving is making a comeback, both nationally and locally.

Bolstered by a recession that has people hoping to cut back on their food bills, and provoked by a new generation of consumers skeptical of mass-produced, trucked-in produce, home canning – the type that uses Mason jars and pressure cookers or hot water baths – is suddenly all the rage again.

Could it possibly be that Americans understand that they aren’t as prosperous as they have been told? Have they finally wised up to the FED, the banksters and their enablers, congress, the government’s rogue agencies, Wall Street’s cult of equities, and the fabrications of the Obama-we-can-do-it-media machine that covers the umpteen piles of dog poop with Chanel No. 5?

7:10 pm on August 23, 2011