From the “Proving Yet Again That Cops Are Gutless” Department

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Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn” of Dallas’ Murderous Mercenaries-sorry, Police Department shot a 19-year-old guy suspected of car-jacking who already had his hands above his head. Why? Because “Officer Wilburn perceived [her victim] to be an imminent threat, drew her weapon and discharged it once striking him,” according to the cops’ report. You’ll notice there’s no mention of the upraised arms in this bit of whitewash. For that additional detail, we thank a very brave eyewitness, “Scottie Smith II, a real estate agent and property manager.”

“Senior Cpl. Amy Wilburn” has been cowering in fear of unarmed folks with their hands over their heads since 2001, no less. You might think Our Rulers would have suggested she find another profession by now, if their goal is truly to “serve and protect,” as they so fatuously and frequently claim. On the other hand, a hysterical, trigger-happy bully suits their actual agenda just fine. No wonder Shakin’ Amy is a “senior cpl.”

Thanks to Michael Geary for the link.

11:21 am on December 11, 2013